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Our Impact

Sustainable employment: The vicious cycle of poor education, unemployment and financial insecurity is hurting many and particularly young women and men who have grown more and more hopeless about their futures given the dire living conditions. Atelier Calla aims to welcome young craftsmen and women into a structure that values and respects their skills, champions the culture of handmade products and educates them about international production standards. Atelier Calla works to contribute to their individual personal development and provide opportunities for the advancement of the collective of artisans by providing access to sale of product on the international market. Sales of their original work opens doors to a more financially secure future for the artisans and the families that they support. 


Resilience: In recent years, Atelier Calla has performed a strategic portfolio diversification in efforts to reinforce company resiliency. Tweaks to the business model concerning the development of the jewelry creation centre have allowed for a stronger export positioning, ability to take on subcontract work by established brands and development of a network of craftsmen trained to respond and fill high volume orders. In September 2018, Atelier Calla partnered with a local accessory manufacturer to develop the jewelry range under their in-house brand. The new business model is built around 1) Higher technicality 2) a more specialized workforce and 3) Haitian creativity. These strengths have allowed Atelier Calla to gain more sustainable access to the export market. Pur - chased specialized equipment has allowed the company to deliver higher quality products (especially in horn work) and an ability to deliver larger volumes to meet growing demand. Reinforcement of this kind of local business contributes to bolstering the overall resiliency of the Haitian economy during times of crisis.

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