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Mission & Vision
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Sustainable Jobs

We create modern and appealing products and propose private brand production to the international market to ensure a growing demand of revolving clients which promotes the preservation and promotion of sustainable jobs in the artisan sector.


Preservation of Culture

We prevent the loss of the traditional craft of horn, bone, and wood by bringing new designs and modern touch to artisanal pro-duction. Our goal is to provide the necessary assistance to ensure international production standards are met and maintained while preserving the handmade feel of products.

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Fair Trade Conditions

With 70% unemployment and a GDP of $2.41 a day, our mission is to provide a living wage to young men and women. Sustainable jobs, a fair trade environment, and export opportunities are pertinent to re-establishing the craft sector as one of Haiti’s highest ranking employers. 30 men and women have been the direct beneficiaries of the export opportunities created by Atelier Calla.


Upcycling Materials

We upcycle one-of-a-kind materials. A pair of horns transformed into a pair of earrings or unique belt buckle, for instance, ensures that materials that would have otherwise been discarded, become cherished objects. The ingenuity of our artisans to carve, cut, and shape raw materials into real gems can only be applauded and encouraged.

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