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Do something right or don't do it at all.

Christelle Chignard Paul

Letter from the founder

Dear visitors,

I considered it a privilege to create a workshop where I could have the opportunity to work personally with the artisans to modernize the designs of traditional horn and bone products. I am proud to present the work of Atelier Calla.


These collections are the fruit of my imagination, brought to life by a team of skilled and dedicated artisans. More than ten years into this adventure, Atelier Calla now has a team of artisans who are working collaboratively on the design and in-house production. Beyond Atelier Calla’s social impact, there is also the drive to bring timeless designs to new markets. The aim is to provide Atelier Calla clients with the best quality in handmade natural horn, bone, and wood products. Constant innovation with materials, textures, and finishes is what makes the “Calla touch” so distinct.


The goal is two-fold, firstly to create sustainable jobs and secondly, to improve the quality of Haitian-made craft offerings to the international market. Today, with a prestigious portfolio from high-end brands to larger markets and boutique-style clients, these goals are within reach. With 30 direct and indirect jobs created, Atelier Calla is contributing to the improvement of the lives of the artisans and their families by ensuring improved food security and health care assistance. Regular staff meetings are held to encourage personal development and nurture a sense of family and civic responsibility. I hope you enjoy our work and I hope you will spread the word about us.   




Christelle C. Paul


Meet Our Artisan

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Our craftsmen and women are part of a structure that values and respect their skills and educates them about international standards of production.

"Each purchase you make contributes to our;
  • Living wages,

  • health insurance,

  • subsidized meals,

  • yearly bonus,

  • performance bonus.

Thank you!"

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